The Importance of Projects


Key challenge is to balance two competing imperatives:

  1. Maintaining BAU (Business As usual)
    1. Profitability, Service Quality, Customer Relationships, Brand Loyalty, Productivity, Market Confidence, etc
  2. Transform Business Operations to survive and compete in the future
    1. Looking forward and deciding how business change can be introduced to best effect


As the pace of change accelerates, management focuses upon striking the balance between BAU and Business change.


Projects are the means by which change is introduced and although many managerial skills are the same, there are some crucial differences between BAU and projects.


Projects are Important because they implement Change!


A project is a temporary organisation created to deliver business products according to an agreed Business Case


  • Change
Projects are the means by which change is introduced
  • Temporary

Once the desired change is implemented, BAU resumes (in its new form)

Projects should have a defined start and defined end

  • Cross-functional
Working together on a temporary basis with people from different areas and skill sets
  • Unique
i.e. NOT BAU
  • Uncertainty
Due to Risks, Threats and Opportunities


Project Management is the Planning, Delegating, Monitoring and Control of all aspects of the project and the Motivation of those involved to achieve the objectives within the expected performance targets for Time, Cost, Quality Scope, Benefits and Risks.


It is the development of the project's deliverables ("products" in PRINCE2 parlance) that deliver the project's results.


The purpose of project management is to keep control over the specialist work required to create the project's products (e.g. making sure the Linux specialist doesn't arrive to install the OS and applications before the servers are physically installed into the data centre racks).

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