The 6 Variables

The six variables
1.    Scope

  • Defines what the project will deliver
  • Need to understand what is IN scope and what is OUT of scope
  • Essential that this is very clearly understood and agreed to by all involved parties
  • Without knowing, those involved will make assumptions and often talk at cross-purposes
  • Scope Creep - Care must be taken not to deliver beyond the scope, as this often causes delays, overspends and uncontrolled changes

2.    Timescales

  • When will the project deliver?


3.    Quality

  • Ensuring the deliverables are fit for purpose and meet the defined acceptance criteria


4.    Costs

  • Ensuring the project is affordable and within tolerance defined within the Business Case


5.    Risk

  • Understanding how much risk can be accepted
  • How can the risks be mitigated?


6.    Benefits

  • Why are we doing this?
  • The Project Manager must understand the purpose of the project as an investment and make sure that what the project delivers is consistent with achieving the desired return


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